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Abstract #2

Main Naari hoon


The icecream wala

-gayathri.v.rao “Icecream lelo !Icecream lelo!(have an icecream)” said a voice in the street.The voice slowly drew closer to ears.The kids , the elderly, teenagers and love birds all gathered across the street surrounding… Continue reading

A few more shayaris …

Tanhayi mein aksar aankhein bol padti hai Dil ke shikwein ko mita deti hai Jo parda banaye dil ke aasnsun par Aankhein unhein bhi bayaan karti hai   Dil ke shehzaare hai woh… Continue reading

Art updated ..!

Art speaks ….More from my art works ….


Another poem by me :-

Wah wah kya baat hai

This is my latest poetry entitled wah wah kya baat hai          

New painting ..!

My new painting with the start of this year 🙂